• 47 Patents
  • 12% Increase in V02
  • Up to 500% increase in glutathione, catalase, SOD activity

If you don’t supplement with l-arginine, you should.

And, if you do supplement with l-arginine, you should also supplement with ASEA.


ASEA is a Bottle of Liquid REDOX Molecules

asea_largeASEA brings cells back into homeostasis, in terms of the balance of highly reactive molecules that enable cellular communication and management of energy processes.

Specifically, ASEA furnishes cells with REDOX (reduction/oxidation) reactive molecules that allow the cells and mitochondria (fluids) to stay in balance “electrical potential-wise”. The environment inside the cell or “Alpha SEA” is now understood to be the most important overall component of health.

  • ASEA was 17 years in the making and has 47 patents.
  • ASEA allows the reduction/oxidation molecules within the cellular fluids to be sustained with the  proper balance to allow cellular energy and communication processes to proceed at a high, optimal rates.

The most important issue within a cell is the redox (electrical or reduction/oxidation potential) balance. When redox potential becomes unbalanced (i.e. there are more electron donors than electron receivers, or vice-versa) cellular functions break down... and then your health and life suffer.

  • The truth is that some people truly shouldn’t supplement with arginine without additionally supplementing with ASEA, too. The reason is that the production of nitric oxide can push the redox balance out of balance within cells. (This is probably the reason for fatalities in a landmark study with PAD patients.)
  • Also, for many other arginine users, by supplementing with ASEA, they are providing their immune system with the raw materials (redox molecules) for controlling virus and other pathogens in the body. When one pushes cellular redox potential out of balance with arginine supplementation, the immune system cannot function as well, and viral activations can occur. Supplementing with ASEA helps to maintain the balance and avoid this problem.

When we understand that inside our cells and especially inside the mitochondria, cellular energy production processes are producing staggering numbers of “electrical” energy byproducts (or free radicals) we will also understand that we need to keep this balance. Whenever a person is awake and active, the cell fluids are required to absorb and balance huge amounts of these energy creation byproducts.

  • Things that destabilize a cell’s ability to balance the redox potential of this inner cellular sea include stress, toxins, exertion and also nutrient isolates.
  • When the redox potential of the cell gets severely out of balance, the cell’s optimal functioning is compromised and even the very survival of the cell, itself,can be threatened. Loss of redox balance is a primary cause of death to cells (aging).
  • A byproduct of cells that cannot function well enough to meet the demands of “will-power” is the production of lactic acid. This is a primary problem for athletes (who try to push the envelope of human performance) and for persons suffering with fibromyalgia.
  • Another consequences of imbalance in redox molecules within cells include the proliferation of free radicals and cells going into low-energy mode (this is the primary cause of late afternoon energy drop)
  • Also when redox potential is out of balance, the immune system finds itself less capable to police the body for the body guys and we are more likely to get sick.
    • A particularly bad result for many people that occurs when cellular and mitochondrial fluids are unbalanced in terms of electrical potential is that virus activation more easily occurs when supplementing with l-arginine.

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